Saturday, January 22, 2011


I  We went on a snow trip!!! Yes we have to drive hours away to find snow! 
This time it was 4 hours! It was lovely! The kids really enjoyed sledding and throwing snowballs at everyone! :) 

We wore our hats too! Well everyone except dad because he loaned it to his mom. 
When we got back I wasn't feeling well, and then I caught the lazy bug! I still haven't unpacked. Maybe tomorrow :) I did catch up on the challenges, I was feeling guilty that I wasn't a part of the postings! But I'm back!! 

Ok I will go from most recent to the older challenge 19- Master Closet
I didn't think mine was that bad til I started cleaning and purging! ha! 



The crib rail just went in there because my boy is now in a big boy bed!! Yay! Potty training next!! 

Sorry apparently I couldn't take a naturally lit non fuzzy picture for the life of me today! ugh! 
Those white boxes are my hubby's comic books, he also collects toys action figures. He used to collect hot wheel cars but then he decided to use them to bribe help our daughter potty train. 


Wow I need to go shopping now!! lol! The woman who lived here before us had this closet FULL!! STUFFED!! and it was just her clothes, her husbands were downstairs! I don't think I could ever fill this closet! 

Ok challenge 18- Keepsakes
I thought I was going to enjoy this one because I bought all of these....

but I became frustrated because they didn't quite do what I wanted.....

So here are my before pictures...I consider keepsakes things that will go in my kids scrapbooks. 
Do you guys keep school work? My kids aren't school aged so I don't know what the attachment is like at that age but I don't save everything, I think I'm going to try to save even less... only because recently my mom gave me my "keepsakes" and it was cute to look through once but I don't have anywhere to put these things and how long does one really need to keep that sort of thing around? I'm not talking ankle bracelets from the hospital, I mean the little books I wrote in 3rd grade or the yearbooks..... overload!! Anyhow there is my "new" non nostalgic feeling on this, I've always been a saver but am finding that I don't want "clutter" around.

 So this box had my scrapbooking paper at one time, then it became the throw all area for my stuff. And I noticed that I would pass a certain timeframe in my scrapbooks and I had left out the "keepsake" momentos I had been saving for that specific page..... frustrating. 

This is the closet floor in my sewing/craft room

Pictures thrown in, because there simply hasn't been anywhere to "stuff" them! 

My other issue with my scrapbooking is that I would pull everything out work for a few hours, days whatever but all my stuff was on my cutting table so I couldn't transition easily from scrapbooking to sewing without putting everything away as soon as I was done. 

 Other side of the closet

Remember this? 
I like the concept of these but not for little kids.... 


I used the toy rack for the bins, they didn't fit perfectly but they will work for me. 

The other side

The cricket machine will eventually go on a table that will be dedicated to scrapbooking but for now it will be in the closet. 

I still need to label the bins, does anyone know if I can use the vinyl in a cricket machine? I have the original one. 

Oh and I bought these larger bins so I could put my 12x12 paper in them
The measurements are  something like 16.5 x 13.3x 5 inches however the paper doesn't fit!! Not even a single sheet by itself lays flat! How do they measure these?  I figured maybe they measured the largest part which is the lid but even the lid was too small to fit a 12x12 sheet!! So my paper ended up in the tall bin my paper used to be in and keepsakes ended up in these bins.  I have one for my son and one for my daughter. 

When I came out of the sewing room my son was helping me sort the old bins....

Phew... the rest should go quickly! 

17- the mail
Well I did much of this when I cleaned out those drawers near my desk so I am going to try to put mail that needs to be paid and mail that came that I need to take action of some nature in this....

All other mail gets shredded or filed...this is in our desk cabinet. We each have a folder, tax documents have their own folder as well. 

 Challenge 16- Fridge



Before:                                   After: 

Challenge 15- medication/Vitamin Storage

This was easy...we keep most of our meds in a bin so we can throw them in the car with us. My son has severe allergies so we always have to have his meds with us. It's also nice when they spend the night at Nana and Papa's house because I have directions, authorizations, phone numbers to all their doctors and complete allergy lists conditions etc..... always ready to go. 

The little red tote is my allergy meds...

Cleared out some old medications, empty bottles  and a few adult medications that wondered into the "kids blue med box" 

Then it goes on a shelf up in the pantry

Challenge 14- Under Sink

My bathroom sink


I want more bins but I spent all the allotted bin money on the shnazzy keepsakes/scrapbooking area. 

Challenge 13- Medicine Cabinet

Before:                                                  After: 

Ok I feel better now that I'm all caught up...oh the guilt! Now I need to go clean and unpack and work on my new craigslist find for the sewing room...... 

I will be posting a craft soon I promise! :) 

See you all soon! 

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Anonymous said...

You have a huge closet! Well done!

Kristal said...

Wow! Good job! I'm tired just catching up with you! You do have a huge closet! Can you use any of that space for your crafting/keepsakes? I'd put my wedding dress somewhere out of the way, unless you like looking at it all the time ; ) Your master closet just looks so huge and accessible, I'd utilize that space to make it easier to access some things that are maybe hard to really get to somewhere else.

Toni said...

I LOVE how you incorprated the green boxes on the toy shelf... Very nice! Great work and keep it coming. Hugs, TOni

Naomi said...

Paige- Thank you!
Kristal- A couple months ago my hubby offered for us to move our master bedroom into the "craft room" and move all my crafts into our "huge" master room. While I would love all that space especially the accessibility of the closet, right now isn't the right time to move. Our bedroom is upstairs and my craft room is downstairs. Our kids rooms are upstairs and they are too young to be upstairs by themselves (2 & 3) I also like that I can stow away somewhat quickly while they are distracted with their toys (downstairs) haha! long story long.... maybe eventually I will move into the big room but for now I am somewhat stuck downstairs. Someday though....
Toni- I am obsessed with green right now!! It all started with that green fabric I put in my hutch thing. Stay tuned... more green will be joining my sewing room :) very soon!

Amanda said...

Each job looks amazing, well done! And I love your closet! You can use vinyl with a Cricut, well I do and have had no problems, you might need to play around with speed setting tho!

CB said...

Your master closet is huge! Too bad you can't use it for a different purpose!

Staci @ Life's Sweeter with Chocolate said...

WOW! That's amazing!! you have SO much room! You totally deserve to go shopping. hehe

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