Friday, January 14, 2011

Our new hats part 2

I posted the pics from my kids reversible hats
here are some pictures of the hat I made for my hubby
His is plain, it has a triple padding at the ears so his ears stay nice and warm and it's low in the back to cover his neck. 

I LOVE mine!! 
I was browsing the bloggy world and came across Leafy Treetop Spot. I just loved her flower addition to the hat, she was inspired by I am momma hear me roar who made her hats from t-shirts. 
I added the braided yarn to it as I wanted to be able to tie it shut if I needed to. 
I was going to make mine in black but turned out I didn't have enough fabric after my husbands, and I had just enough white fleece to make this. 

And my daughter saw mine and said, "mom I like my boy one but I like your flower and sparkly" so I made her a black flower and sparkly.... I think I'm going to add some silver glitter glue to the edges of the petals so they are more visible

Here are both of the kids hats (before the flower)

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