Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sewing desk revamp...

A few weeks, actually maybe several weeks ago I found a desk from craigslist. The owner said it was his mom's sewing desk. It was a simple desk, I figured I could put my sewing machine on it and put my serger on the heavy antique sewing table I already have.....

So here are the before pics...

One without the flash

and one with it (but the flash kinda hides how bad it was!

Top of the desk


At this point I wanted to cry and throw it away! 

So gross!! But I continued because I paid for it and I need a desk! 

(maybe my garage should have been included on the 21 day challenge! ha! Don't look!) 

Daddy was a genius and taped paper to the fridge so the kids could be "crafty" with momma. 

Drying over night

I like that it appeared to be a hand made desk, not big company made.... 
 they may have taken two nightstands and put a piece of wood on top then painted it white, not sure but I like it. 

Painted on some flowers (well...stenciled on) 

EEEKKK!!! Introducing my new sewing table!!!! 

 This is the side with all the dings and the scrape, it took several coats to cover the scrape since it was dark, I should have used a primer but I didn't have any and didn't feel like it :) and I couldn't sand out the dings, they were too deep but they are harder to see now. 

And this is the artwork my kids made me while I was busy. They even thought to "paint" the fridge too :) 

So again: 

Before:                                                   After: 

I {heart} color!!! 

Oh and as a side note...I received my new kamsnaps and pliers today!!! So excited! I will be switching out all the velcro on my son's cloth diapers. I do not {heart} velcro on cloth diapers!! I should also be receiving new fabric for a custom cloth diaper order. Can't wait to post pictures when they are done! 

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Clisty said...

VERY CUTE DESK!! I love the color you used!! Found you on the Trash To Treasure hop. I'm now following you to keep up on your cute stuff!

Sue@Uniquely Chic said...

Popping over from sassy sites. YOur hard work paid off, this came out fantastic. The flowers really make it special and unique!

Samantha said...

Just following you from 'A bowl full of lemons' challenge. Would love it if you would follow me too at www.anorganisedmum.blogspot.com
It will be great to encourage everyone who is taking part in the challenge. Have fun.

Toni said...

Thats awesome. I love revamping furniture!

Beth's Blog said...

oh, that table is soo cute!

Becca said...

that's amazingly beautiful transformation...I need to search for something like that. Thank you for sharing this:)!

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