Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year, New Organization

I'm always on the quest for keeping things a bit tidier, I don't know that I ever quite get there. I search for furniture that will help, tips to help, and perhaps its just the fact that I have two young toddlers running around un-doing my organizational efforts? I don't know but...... this is the latest in my series of wants....

A new sewing table for my new serger!!! Isn't it GORGEOUS?!?!?!

And its on sale!! Buuuuuut its far more than I would ever pay for a sewing table even on sale!
(Plus we are on the Dave Ramsey Plan soooo.....)
It would have been the perfect companion to the hutch I painted and added fabric to.

So now I am searching garage sales and online to find a cheaper version and then I can paint it to match my hutch. Sadly you can't always see the pretty green fabric back there because I have my fabric stash on that shelf. I might need to find a new home for my fabrics hmmmm.....

Which reminds me....I am taking the 21 days to getting organized challenge

Hopefully it will help me stay organized for the new year!

So just so you all know this is where I currently sew.....

I have to put whichever machine I'm using on the wood sewing table because the fold out table wobbles too much when I try to use that one. So in essence the fold out table really only gave me more table space. At least I wont clutter my cutting table?!?!? Ha!

And some older pics of how messy my room becomes.... yuck!

These really are the only pictures of my messy house that I'm willing to share right now because I figure everyone's sewing space looks a mess at some point in the creative process and the rest of the house is just embarrassing! haha! But I have a feeling that I will be sharing before and after pictures for the challenge so soon enough you will see the house that I neglect so I can sew during naptime :) Will you join the challenge? Come on!!!

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Kristal said...

WOW! Love the stuff that you love! I don't sew, but I love the desk you are after and the hutch you did is just awesome!

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