Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Toy Organization

Ok so I feel like I should preface my before and after pictures with an explanation! lol!
You see I already went through and took out all the toys we are getting rid of or donating. 

The basketball hoop box is full of toys I took out of our playroom. In fact I even got rid of one of these
Except mine is larger, I can fit one large tray plus 4 of the little ones in one row.
It was full of misc items.
 I tried keeping the little people, cars etc. in these but they just got dumped out, 
all 12 small buckets and 4 large buckets.
 I gave up on cleaning toys because they would just dump them out anyway. 
(My poor husband couldn't open the front door the other day because there were a ton of toys blocking the door, I of course was not home, so he had to go around to the alley and go through the side door! )

My daughter had her 3rd birthday in November, she was given a MILLION toys! So it was time to get rid of things. So while they were asleep I went through the toys and put all the toys they didn't play with, the toys that were developmentally too young for them and I was quite pleased with my results. 
Oh and the best part, they didn't even notice that there were toys "missing"

My kids are young so it is hard to keep them from throwing toys everywhere 
but at least they don't have as easy access to them as before. 

So this morning this is what my untidy playroom looked like

The dollhouse is normally in my daughters room so that went upstairs

Always toys in the hall

Stuffed animals! UGH! 

Train Table

This is a closet under our stairs. It's where I keep the crayons and art stuff, the Your Baby can Read set. Problem is that it's too much work to get out so it stays in. There is also my lighting set, photography equipment, a scooter that needs to be put together for summer time, Barbies, a toothbrush. This closet needs help! lol! 

So my toys bins are pretty clean, the disaster bin is the dress up stuff. 

Before:  After:

Before: After:

Before: After:

These didn't change....

The kids know where things belong now. I was going to label them with pictures but since they are "getting" it I will wait. 

I took the dress up stuff and moved it into this

Where did all the soft books, your baby can read and art stuff that was in the new "dress up cart" go? 

It's within reach now!! 

Before: After:  

Before: After: 

I also moved my china all into one cabinet and used the cabinet for soft books
Sorry forgot the before pic, I was on a roll!! 

This is why I keep soft books up high.... 
my kids think they are chew toys.... they love the taste of paper.... no joke!

Playroom after the clean up....

I moved the couch and chair to be close to the bookshelf and they knew exactly why! 

Little people go in the farm 
Oh and this train table opens and it's where I hide the dreaded duplo blocks! 

Not even five minutes later, here they are tearing all the books out of the shelf. *breathe*

Shall we go upstairs now? 

Daughters room...Bubs doesn't have toys in his room yet.
Here is the lock that I have on both sides of the closet. My daughter likes to pull all her clothes out and toys... it's necessary! 
The messsy toy bin
Forgot to open bins and take pics but I included a pic of all the stuff I pulled out 

After the clean up:

Added that black bin with her dress up clothes to her closet

Ok that's it! Phew! 



Our Joys, Boys, and Toys said...

Looks awesome! Love how large you playroom is.

Allison @ I heart Change said...

It looks awesome! Toys are tough.

Amanda said...

wow beautiful space! love how open it is!

Anonymous said...

Job well done! That is a really great play space!

Catherine said...

GORGEOUS playroom!

I have the same issue with organizing. We have one of those primary color tub things and everything gets dumped out constantly.

Colleen said...

Ok I love your brown photo wall. Just gorgeous!!

Lesley said...

Love the huge wide open play room. Your before and afters are awesome. I think that with a room that big I would have let it get crazy filled up with unnecessary stuff.
Your photo wall is super too.
I posted about my toy room transformation too... if you would like to check it out... :)

Andrea said...

I LOVE YOUR PLAYROOM!! I wish I had a space like that to use as a classroom/playroom!

I'm still working on the toy organization challenge. It's the only one I haven't finished, as I'm way too overwhelmed with it! LOL

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