Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Home Management Binder

I signed up to participate in Toni's challenge over at A Bowl Full of Lemons
Executing these tasks has been challenging for some reason! 
They aren't super difficult, I get started on them right away but I taper off and forget about things and get distracted etc... I have a short attention span I guess! 
Maybe that's why I was able to complete the daily organizing tasks she had? 
idk but here is week one the home management binder. 

This is the SUPER cute binder I found. 

I {heart} polka dots!! Perfect binder for me... 

Well almost! It's simply too small!

 I didn't even have paper in it yet, just the two folders and dividers and it was stuffed!! 
So I got a plain white one....this one has plenty of room to grow into! haha! 

I can even put my hole puncher in there

Here are the dividers
I just printed them because I didn't have a labeler at the time (but I do now) 

My calendar section 
(I used the link for the free weekly calendar Toni provided on her post about this) 
She's right the scalloped edges are adorable! 

Then my monthly calendar
(from creativemama.com) (also free)

Cleaning section

I made a spreadsheet in excel listing all my "chores" and which days I would do them. Still learning to stick to this but I veer off path often! lol! This is why a list is a good idea! I love checking things off the list and somedays I get ahead of myself! 

Finances section
I made this sheet in excel as well and it lists all our bills in order of when they are due, with the due date under the name. Then it lists every month so I can be sure we pay it and I also list how much the bill was so we can compare our bills, add them up etc.. 

Weekly Menu
made in excel, it has breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner
Below the menu is a shopping list form. I typed the whole thing out and printed it but I don't know that I will always type in the form versus writing in the space. We will see. I take this grocery shopping with me and am able to see what I need for the items on my menu and I keep track of how much I spend on food for the week so we can better budget our food expenses. 

I also have a medical section but have yet to fill it, a contacts sections, school and two folders to hold anything that is too big to hole punch and put in the binder. 

See you all soon! 


Beth's Blog said...

it looks good. I am still working on mine!

Naomi said...

Thanks Beth... I look forward to seeing yours!

Caley said...

Hi there, I dont know you but I saw your bill check list and I REALLY like it! anyway you might want to share???? :) if so you can email it to me calclutz (at) yahoo (dot) com Thanks!!

Misti said...

Looks great! I really like your weekly menu with all the meals included. I'm really bad about just "planning" for dinner. I may have to make my own so I can plan better. Thanks for sharing!

Mrs. Annette said...

I like the ideas for youe HMB, could you share your cleaning checklist annetteartis at embarqmail.com

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