Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mama has herself a new baby!

and I don't mean a real baby! I mean a brand new sewing machine!! She is a beauty. 
I haven't had much time to do much sewing since she came to live with us this last weekend. 
I am sure I will have some things to show off real soon though! 

Since my last post... many moons ago, we have moved to a new city so we could be closer to family. Family is really important to us and we really felt like we weren't able to spend as much time with them as we would like. So we looked, found, packed and moved. Oh and got rid of a ton of stuff because we moved into a smaller house, much smaller house! 

Our new house is simply adorable though! We have rose bushes  out in the front yard, a gardenia bush. The backyard has a little area that was perfect for our little jungle gym and playhouse for the kids. I still have a sewing room which was a huge plus! There isn't any overhead lighting though so I am using lamps which is not the best but it will do. Oh and its one story and the kids can go to their rooms and play or come out to the living area without me having to unlatch gates or go up with them. It's lovely! I am in love with this house. 

I was invited to participate in a craft fair but I wasn't able to with the move and all. I am hoping to participate in another upcoming fair in Sept. I still have plenty of time to start making some items for that. 

Hope you all have been great! 

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