Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cloth Diapers

Interested in cloth diapers?

Pockets/ all in ones
I use suedecloth or microfleece for the inner, your choice.
For soakers you have the option of zorb or bamboo terry or bamboo fleece

With inserts they are $18, without $15.
Set of three $51 ($17 each)
sets of six or more ($16 each)(in sets of three) so....
6=$96, 9=$144, 12=$192

Fitteds- with snaps (bamboo outer and zorb soaker built in) These are not waterproof. Will need a cover.
$13 individually
set of three- $36 ($12 each), set of six-$66 ($11 each) , set of nine $99,  set of 12- $132

without snaps (you would use the snappis to close)
$12 each
3-$33, 6- $60, 9- $90, 12- $120

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