Saturday, February 19, 2011


I made a few diapers last week. 
If I haven't mentioned it...we cloth diaper my son and I quickly fell in love with cloth diapers. We started cloth diapers when I had both my kids in diapers, since then my daughter has been potty trained so now we just have one in diapers but I digress....
I wanted every design every print, every soaker in every fabric. 
After spending quite a bit of money purchasing diapers I started studying them 
and it occurred to me that I might be able to make my own diapers. 
So I scrounged up flannel and other fabrics that weren't necessarily the most effective cloth diaper materials but would allow me to practice making them. 
Then I bought a pattern, "real" diaper material and went for it. 

Here are a few pics of the diapers

Next time I am going to make two rows of buttons and a hip snap. 

The soaker snaps into this one so it doesn't wiggle around and I don't have to stuff
Nice for dads who aren't really into cloth diapering! 

Very similar to a fuzzibunz diaper
I like the squared off tabs more than the round tabs. I also like a hip snap. My guy has skinny legs so if there isn't a hip snap they don't fit him. 

Side snapping
which allows the diaper to be really slim fitting but I'm not used to side snapping. 
Also the bottom button is a hip snap and can be set at a different setting than the top button which is for the waist. I really like this diaper in concept, just trying to get used to those side snaps. 

Made a pocket so I can stuff if I want to

all open 

and when done you can fold up and throw in the wet bag
You could probably even store them like this in the diaper bag so they take up less room

I will be adding diapers to my etsy store soon and make them custom for each order. If you are interested please let me know. My price ranges from $10-$20 a diaper dependent on materials 

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